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Terms and conditions of subscription to the BIM Business Directory


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to regulate and establish the procedures applicable to the product called "Directory of BIM Companies", offered by the Architect Pedro Herrera, under the following terms:


General description:

  • With the subscription your company will be part of the directory of BIM companies and will have access to the marketing benefits that the directory offers.

  • The subscription is only available on the website of the Architect Pedro Herrera.

  • Only companies working under the BIM methodology may apply for subscription.

  • By acquiring the subscription, you will have access to be part of future updates and improvements that are developed in the directory

  • The subscription is individual and not transferable, so only the company that acquires it will be able to enjoy the benefits of the subscription.



  • At the time of acquiring the subscription, the responsible person must complete the registration form where he must provide the contact email of the company and the other details that are requested for the purpose of registration, the architect is not responsible for errors when filling out the form.

  • The subscription will take effect and will enter into force once the payment of the subscription is confirmed.



  • When acquiring the subscription, the customer must accept a charge to his credit card or debit in the amount of $50.00 (Fifty US dollars 00/100), when agreeing to become a member, the customer is conscious and agrees to the charge being made to the card he has registered for that purpose.



In force

  • The duration of the subscription is for a period of 12 months, counted from its acquisition, for which reason the membership cannot be cancelled or refunded.

  • Once the period of validity has expired, the client will be notified and the client, if he wants to continue to be part of the directory, must notify the Architect Pedro Herrera to the following mail and pay again the annual amount, if the renewal of the subscription is not confirmed the architect will be able to remove the company from the directory.



  • Once the corresponding payment has been confirmed, an invoice will be automatically sent to the customer’s contact email address.

  • The customer may request this invoice again when necessary.



  • The Directory is updated daily at 11:59h (-5GTM) therefore you must wait a period of 24h to be able to see your company in the directory.

  • Any doubt or clarification about subscription or updates to the directory must send an email to


Notice of privacy and privacy

On the website of the Architect Pedro Herrera, with domicile in Brisas del golf, Calle 19, Casa 70E, Distrito de San Miguelito, Ciudad de Panamá, Provincia Panamá, we are committed to protecting your privacy. When we collect your data through the form, we will use them only to include the company in the directory.

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